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What is an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)?
Having an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is equally as important as having a Will. Your Will takes effect only when you die. When you create an EPA document you are giving your appointed attorney the legal authority to look after you, your assets and financial affairs on your behalf with your specific instructions whilst you are of full capacity, and to continue to look after you if you are incapacitated or incapable and cannot provide instructions to your attorney. eg. from Dementia or Alzheimers.
A simple EXPRESS EPA allows you to create a quick and easy legally binding EPA fully checked by the Shane Ellis Legal Group, and the details to build it are all completed by you online in a matter of minutes. It's convenient, it's cost effective, It's EXPRESSly done for you in accordance with your online instructions and then EXPRESSly emailed to you for signing usually within 1 business day of ordering. No fuss, no waiting for an appointment, & it's cheap as chips!
A simple EXPRESS EPA is professionally prepared & delivered to you by email, or for an extra fee your EPA can be beautifully bound, wax sealed & delivered directly to you by Platinum Express Post mail!
Please Note
A SIMPLE EPA is a very personal document, so each spouse or life partner needs to complete their own sections of the order form. By ordering your simple EXPRESS EPA online you confirm that each EPA maker has taken the time to enter their own instructions. By following this procedure each simple EXPRESS EPA is uniquely yours and reflects your own personal instructions. After all we are all individuals.
Polite Warning
Having an EPA without having a current up to date Will is only completing part of your family estate protection tasks. Your EPA only applies when you are alive and need your attorneys assistance. Your EPA does not apply when you die. You need a current up to date Will for that purpose.
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